Conference and Seminar Organization:

(2017) Science-Frictions: Creations in bio-art & bio-science, seminar at University of Twente (upcoming)

(2017) A Grin Without A Cat. Annual National Deleuze Conference. Enschede, Holland.

(2015) What If: From Formal Logic to Material Inference. Seminar at the Deleuze Camp:  Daughters of Chaos; Practice, Discipline, A Life. Utö, Sweden.

(2015) ALEPH Autonomous Laboratory for the Exploration of Progressive Heuristics, advanced dissemination seminar  at UQAM Université du Québec à Montréal & Concordia University, Montréal, Canada.

(2014) What Images Do!. Conference Royal Academy of Art, Copenhagen, Denmark.

(2012) Asignifying Semiotics: Or How to Paint Pink on Pink. Second National Symposium on Deleuze Scholarship, Delft.

(2012) The Asignifying Affordance of Assemblage. Seminars at the faculties of Architecture of the University of Cambridge & the University of Liverpool, United Kingdom.

(2012) Cartography; to have done with tracing in favor of mapping. Seminar at the 13th Architecture Biennale Common Ground. Venice, Italy.

Publications & Lectures (selection) :

(2019) A Grin Without A Cat: Pedagogies in the Early Anthropocene. Publication in preparation.

(2018) Iridescence of Perception; a-signification through preemptive desecration of the visual Urzustand. Chapter in What Images Do!, Aarhus: Aarhus University Press. Publication forthcoming.

(2018) Un-framing reality; Sets of intensities as smallest common denominator in film and architecture. Chapter in Making Visible: Architecture Filmmaking Volume 1, Bristol: Intellect publishers. Publication forthcoming.

(2017) Unframing Urban Density; The Somaesthetic Cartography of Intensities. Chapter in Rethinking the Concept of Density, Vienna/Berlin: Sternberg Press. Publication forthcoming.

(2017) The Desire of the Medium, Arnhem: ArtEZ Press. Publication forthcoming.

(2017) Eight avatars of time; An affective-temporal taxonomy of the epistemology of time beyond chronology. Peer reviewed article in Parse, Gothenburg: University of Gothenburg Press.

(2017) Design of education as education in design; de-stratifying fields and subjects. Paper presentation at the Kolding Design School, Denmark.

(2017) An Eye for an Ear: Agency and Desire in Asian Photography. Paper presentation at the EAAA Conference, University of Zürich, Switzerland.

(2017) In Media Res: Inessential learning: Attuning to The Desire of The Medium. Paper presentation at the 10th International Deleuze Studies Conference, Toronto, Canada.

(2017) Non-Anthropocentric Desire and the Affordance of Aesthetics. Keynote at the Critical Design Seminar at the Vilnius Academy of Art, Lithuania.

(2017) The Affordance of Aesthetics. Lecture at Yunnan University of Finance and Economics, Kunming, PRC.

(2016) The Impredicative City :or What Can a Boston Square Do?  Chapter in Deleuze and the City,

 Edinburgh: University of Edinburgh Press.

(2016) Material Agency : Attuning to The Desire of The Medium. Paper Presentation at the Phenomenology and Speculative Realism Conference, University of Malta, Msida, Malta.

(2016) The Asignifying Affordance of Assemblage: A Heuristic of the Energetics of the Exteriority of relation. Chapter in Legacy: The Delft School of design [2002-2013], eds. G. Bruyns and J. Schaap (pp. 162-165), Delft: TU Delft.

(2016) Material Agency and Aesthetic Encounter;  Or How A Shadow Can Clear Your Desk and A Drop of Light Can Wreck Your Car. Keynote at the Theory Seminar. Royal Academy of Art, Copenhagen, Denmark.

(2016) 13th Venice Biennale of Architecture: Sensibility is Ground Zero. Chapter in Legacy: The Delft School of design [2002-2013], eds. G. Bruyns and J. Schaap, (pp.166-177). Delft: TU Delft.

(2016) All the More Reason to Act, chapter in Bearers of Internationalisation (pp.77-79). Aalto: Aalto University of Arts, Design and Architecture.

(2016) Affirmative becoming of the ‘desire of the medium’: Cinema and the abstract machine. Paper presentation at the 9th international Deleuze Studies Conference, Roma Tre University, Department of Philosophy, Communication and Visual Arts, Rome, Italy.

(2015) De e(s)thisch-politieke verantwoordelijkheid van de provocateur. Chapter in the book De Mythe van de Hedendaagsheid, Cahier book series. Brussels: Acco Uitgeverij.

(2015) Producing a ‘vital collapse’ as the genesis of meta-medial design. Lecture at Connecting Narratives: Film as research symposium at Oxford Brookes University, UK.

(2015) Desire of the Medium: One road leads to many Romes. Paper presentation at the 8th international Deleuze Studies Conference by ResArc: Swedish Research School in Architecture in Stockholm, Sweden.

(2015) Cinematographic Cartography; towards asignifying heuristics in architectural research. Keynote at the Copenhagen Architecture Festival, Copenhagen, Denmark.

(2015) ‘Camera Eye’: Cinematic Studio Research into Architectural Practice. Peer reviewed article in Architecture and Culture  Vol. 3, Issue no.1 'Architecture Film', London: Bloomsbury Press.

(2014) De gespecialiseerde generalist; Kunst en Design en het Osmotisch Oxymoron. Article in Cahier, volume 6. Tilburg: Fontys Press.

(2014) The Impredicative City.

Paper presentation at the 7th International Deleuze Studies Conference, Istanbul Technical University, Turkey.

(2014) The Bodyless Shadow; towards a Meta-medial framework.

Article in Drawing-On, peer reviewed Academic Journal of the University of Edinburgh, Scotland.

(2014) The specialized generalist; art and design and the osmotic oxymoron.

Paper presented at the Cumulus Conference in Aveiro, Portugal.

(2014) Medium Affect Desire: Hybridising Real Virtual and the Actualised through Affective Medium Ecology.

Article in Footprint peer reviewed Architectural Journal, Delft: Delft University of Technology.

(2014) Meta-media and non-anthropocentric desire; what does the medium want?

Paper presented at the What Images Do! conference Royal Academy of Art, Copenhagen, Denmark.

(2013) Es muss einfach raus; media and non-anthropocentric desire

Paper presented at the What Images Do! symposium at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, Germany.

(2013) Socio-architectural conditions, a-signifying signs and non-anthropocentric desire. Keynote at the ‘Plenitude and Emptiness’ Architectural Research by Design Symposium, University of Edinburgh, Scotland.

(2013) Yen: Prosaic Propensity; A-signifying Singularity. Paper presented at the Second National Symposium on Deleuze Scholarship; Asignifying Semiotics: Or How to Paint Pink on Pink. Delft University of Technology, Delft, The Netherlands.

(2013) Mise en Abyme; Dispositions of Permeation in Intrinsic Relationality to the A-signifying sign.

Paper presented at the „Iconic Difference“ seminar at NCCR Eikones, Basel, Switzerland.

(2012) The Asignifying Affordance of Assemblage: Enactive Embodied Embedded and Extended Urban Cartography .

(pp.13-23). Chapter in Architectural Journal nr.8, 2012 Beijing :The Architectural Society of China, PR China.

(2012) In Media Res. Keynote at the theory seminar at University of Nanjing. Nanjing, Peoples Republic of China.

(2011) Three Arms of Wisdom. In A Bal-Sanders, G.J.B. Bruyns & J. Schaap (Eds.). Chapter in Liber Gratulatoria Arie Graafland (pp. 146-149). Delft: Delft School of Design.

(2011) Reconsidering Cinematic Mapping: Halfway Between Collected Subjectivity and Projective Mapping.

Chapter in F Penz & A Lu (Eds.), Urban Cinematics; understanding urban phenomena through the moving image (pp. 239-256). Bristol: Intellect, The Mill, United Kingdom.

(2011) Bridging Alterities; Mediating Media.

Paper presented at the Film and Media Conference, University of London: London, United Kingdom.

(2011) City and the Agency of Moving Image après Debord.

Paper presented at the Atmosphere Conference, Faculty of Architecture, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada.

(2010) Projective mapping; using collected subjectivity to depict future memory.

Paper presented at the Mapping, Memory and City conference at Faculty of Architecture, University of Liverpool, UK.

(2010) Designing Paradigm Shifts; Follow and Lead.

Paper presented at the Cumulus Conference in Genk, Belgium.

(2010) Guy Debord and the agency of moving image. Keynote at the Theory Seminar at the Dessau Institute of Architecture, Dessau, Germany.

(2009) Cinematic mapping reviewed; transitioning to "collected subjectivism' by transferring media typologies.

In Francois Penz &  Andon Lu (Eds.), Urban Cinematics (pp. 90-99), University of Cambridge, United Kingdom.

(2009) E175; the happiness of being envied is glamour. Keynote at seminar at Hochschule für Gestaltung in Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany.

(2009) Mapping the Micro-rayon. Keynote at the Seminar for the Post-Socialist Russian City Project at the British Higher School of Art and Design in Moscow, Russia.