Boumeester focuses in his research on the liaison between perception, social-architectural conditions and the affective capacities of media and objects, with a distinct preference for the exploration of the exteriority of relations, coming to the heuristics of an affordance philosophy. He writes, lectures, develops and teaches in a specific international array of educational institutions and research networks.

He combined his affection for architecture and the arts with his knowledge of instable media, which resulted in a number of collaborative research projects around the globe. Currently he is fully dedicated to his research and the development of educational curricula.

Previous Employment:

Delft University of Technology, Faculty of Architecture, Delft School of Design. Researcher and lecturer

University of the Arts, Royal Academy of Arts (KABK), Cofounder and head of the department of Interactive/Media/Design

Fontys, Academy for Art, Communication and Design, Member of core team and lecturer

Filmmaker for various film production companies

Educational experience:              


Leiden University               Individual Trajectories                                                    Dissertation                                        2016 ->


TU Delft                               Explore Lab                                                                       Graduation Studio                           2012-2014

TU Delft                               Explore Lab                                                                       Research Explore Lab                     2012-2013

TU Delft                               Delft School of Design                                                     Arch. Thinking Grad. Studio          2011-2013

TU Delft                               Delft School of Design                                                     Media Matters Theory Project      2011-2013

TU Delft                               Mediastudies                                                                    Film & Architecture 1                      2008-2011

TU Delft                               Mediastudies                                                                    Film & Architecture 2                      2008-2010

TU Delft                               Delft School of Design                                                    The Agency of Mapping                  2007-2011

TU Delft                               Architecture Theory                                                        Camera Eye Theory Project            2004-2005


AKI                                        Moving Image                                                                  Philosophy of Moving Image         2015 ->

KABK                                    Interactive / Media / Design                                           Research Laboratory                      2013-2016

Fontys Artcode                   Art and Communication Design                                    Media Theory                                  2010-2015

AKI                                        Crossmedia Design                                                         Cinematic Montage Theory           2006-2015

KABK                                    Interactive / Media / Design                                           Meta Media Interface Analysis     2007-2011

Guest lecturer and conductor of master classes in Nanjing, Istanbul, Newark, Hong Kong, Moscow, Tokyo and many other places.